Jump Race Meeting A*
13.-14.-15. May 2016

Dressage meeting
22. May 2016

Comunal Park
Prati, Italy


Birth of the estate "Wiesenhof"...

The birth of our estate lies in a conversation of the owner of the horse riding school with a young lover of horses, who just thought about horses, nothing more or else.

He described his idea of building a stable with about 50 horses and his dream to reach higher levels and to compete with the most important horsemen, such as Hugo Simon, Willi Melliger, Frank Slothack, Ludger Beerbaum and others.

Other conversations and projects led the two men to start this journey which, during the years became our horse riding school, of which we are very proud of.

And now the estate "Wiesenhof" has become one of the most beautiful estates in the Alto Adige region...

the estate 'Wiesenhof' - Prati Horse Club

21 May 2006 was the opening of the estate "Wiesenhof", with the presence of the President of the Provincial Council, Luis Durnwalder, the councillor Hans Berger and the Town Major, besides the sponsors of our club.

After the greetings and thanks of the host, Peter Hochrainer, the parish priest Walter Prast gave the blessing and the President of the Provincial Council, Luis Durnwalder, declared the riding school "Wiesenhof" officially open.

21th May 2006 - Opening - Prati Horse Club     21th May 2006 - Opening - Prati Horse Club

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